Bracelet 5,5 years -  silver

Bracelet 5,5 years - silver


To celebrate Five and a half years WOCHE a new series of bracelets is presented as a joyful ode, a daily reminder to cherish what is and what was. ⁠

This unique series of bracelets was created from earlier try-outs and leftover materials. The pieces hence contain the history of more than five years of experimentation, literally and figuratively. Since residual materials are used, this is a limited series.

Each of the silver and brass bracelets was numbered, in Bruynbroeck’s own handwriting. The series will continue to grow as leftover materials amass again. ⁠

The handmade bracelets are eye-catching pieces that bear the unmistakable, understated signature of Woche: strong in its subtlety, delicate in its directness. ⁠