Woche is a collection of jewelry that can be worn on a daily basis until it almost becomes second skin. Its name translates to ‘week’ in German. Wearing these pieces makes them adjust to the body, with small changes in patina, colour and shape. 

The Belgian label, established in 2016 by Clarisse Bruynbroeck, does not work according to a seasonal approach but rather evolves through time as an unfettered collection. 

Coincidence and imperfection are aspects that return within the handmade pieces, in shape, material and technique. The apparent fragility only contributes to the aesthetics and does not affect the wearability of the jewelry.

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Clarisse +32 474620075

photos on the website by 

Stefanie De Neve, 

Ligia Poplawska,

Frederik Vercruysse, 

Birgit Surma, 

Stephanie De Smet

+32 474 62 00 75  -  info@woche.be

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