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When Woche meets Graanmarkt 13,

a tribute to the poetry of everyday love.


Both lovingly injecting beauty in the day-to-day, Woche and Graanmarkt 13 joined forces to honour the most beautiful given of all, love. 

He saw her and She saw him..

Inspired by the romance between Ilse and Tim, a capsule collection symbolizes how love can grow into the foundation of a fascinating microcosm.  

An organic ring and bracelet engraved with some of the signature Graanmarkt13 quotes gently embrace the skin, just like lovers do.

The 'When Woche meets Graanmarkt 13' capsule collection is available at Graanmarkt 13 and on  It's cutom made for you and comes in different sizes with a myriad of quotes, matching the multitude of ways to love.

when Woche meets Graanmarkt13-19 photo by Ligia Poplawska.jpg
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