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a glimpse into the daily life of

Lisbeth Antoine, born in Ghent and based in Brussels, is a graphic designer on a mission to create visual harmony.

She started her one woman company after 8 years of experience at various graphic agencies in Paris and London. 

what is your personal style?

In work: stripped down to the essence, simplicity and a lot of white space. In wardrobe: classic and a little french.

I like to keep it simple, a good pair of jeans, a nice shirt and a little makeup are often enough for me. 

In combination with timeless vintage pieces from my mother.

And I love all types of hats. And nice underwear. 


what's your favorite time of day?

The first coffee!

And the moment after the hot yoga class.

I'm totally hooked, I go 4 times a week, very relaxing!

Also all the 'sleepytime'. I have always been a long sleeper.

Being allowed and able to sleep in, going to sleep early,

naps, and good sleep makes me happy!

daily rituals?

morning 08:00h

1. kiss my boyfriend

2. Maiwe rosehip oil serum + skinfood by Weleda, morning and evening, no extensive skincare routine; it's the only thing I need (smiles)

3. coffee coffee coffee

4. an episode of my favorite podcast during the commute to the studio and during the morning mails.

And a weekly ritual to share;

On Monday evenings I go to the most pleasant market in St Gilles on the Van Meenenplein.

what inspires you?

Traveling really broadens the mind!

Each year I plan a trip far away, without a laptop, for 2 weeks.

Peru, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia the last few years and Vietnam, Japan and India on the to-do list.

But it certainly doesn't always have to be far. I can be equally inspired by exploring new neighborhoods in Brussels on the weekend.

That's the nice thing about moving to a new place, there's all sorts of things to discover, and there's always something to see like exhibitions, expos, openings, new places to eat,... - close to home.


what does aesthetics mean to you?

Aesthetics is that which gives you personal joy. 

And that is different for everyone.

I'm very sensitive to light and space, and typography.

Yes, I judge books by their covers

and wine by their label (laughs)

or more generally:

Aesthetics is that which triggers a memory of joy and tells a story.

For example, a work of art or object that is not immediately my taste, but that once stood in my grandmother's house, has an emotional value for me - and will therefore be 'beautiful' for me,

because it is a memory of her.

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