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a glimpse into the daily life of

Laura Bergans and Sang Vandenbosch, not just life partners, but also business partners. Together they founded Bureau BoschBerg in 2018, an office for graphic design and art direction. They won a Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award in 2021.

Their clients are often in 'the arts': Werchter Boutique, STAM Ghent, Toneelhuis, Het Theaterfestival, MA Festival, Bent Van Looy, and so many more.

what's your favorite time of day?

We love the morning. Looking forward to a new day. When everything is still possible, the city still quiet and the air fresh. A quiet time to wake up with fresh fruit and the newspaper on the table. 

Woche-BureauBoschberg-extra-HR-©BuroBonito-1 kopie.jpg

daily rituals?

We love to cook and eat together. 

We really take the time for that.

On Sunday evening we make the menu for the coming week together.

And a ritual not to be forgotten: Sang likes to drink coffee in his underpants in the morning

small pleasures throughout the day?

Laura: A breakthrough in a design process and a good idea that suddenly pops up. Or Sang doing a dance! Which turns into lovely dancing together

Sang: School chalk licorice sweets!

And afternoon naps (smiles)

what inspires you?

Art is our greatest source of inspiration, from visual to performing arts. We need a lot of impressions to stay charged. A weekly visit to an artspace or the theater is almost a necessity.

Sang loves studying the work of Etel Adnan and Ikko Tanaka.

Laura loves beautiful clouds and spotting colours in the sky. You can see these well, for example, when you're on the train at dusk. 


why did you choose these wedding rings?

Our wedding rings are very simple! They are a souvenir of the wedding party and a sign of love for each other that you take with you everywhere every day.

what is it like to wear woche jewelry? 

Woche's jewelry is contemporary yet quite timeless. That's nice because we prefer jewelry that we can wear for a long time. It has to last: both in design-, and in material. Especially for a wedding ring. It's there for the rest of your life. 

Laura adds:

I have two bracelets that I wear almost every day and that's no problem because they are so wearable. They are so light and custom made. One is like an elastic band around your wrist; the other has a quote on the inside. 

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